Muito Obrigado Todo,

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer Sent: Wed 9/10/08 9:42 AM
Muito Obrigado Todo, Vocês são muito amoroso!!

Thank you all for writing me it really means a lot. This week flew bye. I wish I had time to explain everything that happened, but i don´t have much time. Sunday was great. The chapel we attend is brand new! Its beautiful. Its less than 1 year old. And the other two missionaries in our casa, hád a baptism. It was a good experience. This week we have been teaching this incredible family. Two of the daughters have already been baptized about 2 weeks ago i think. One is 10 and the other is 13. The parents are going to be baptized once all of their marriage paper work gets completed. They are so nice. They own a store outside their house, and they always feed us when we visit. People here are so giving. I love th brazilians. Então, we have been teaching the rest of this families relatives, it a long story and i wish i had time to explain, but the Lord truly works in marvelous ways. People have been chosen before this life. I feel a connection with this family. What a blessing. The language is coming. I just feel out of place, cause i can barely even understand anyone ever. They speak a little bit differently here than in São Paulo. Its weird. I just need to be more patient. Thank you so much i can not even begin to explain what a blessing it is to recive updates from all of you. Thank you so much! You have all helped me become who i am today, and i thank you. Families are eternal, and for that i am grateful. I amo vocês muito. Boa Sorte com esta semana!

Com amor,

Elder Fischer

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