Olá De Campos!‏

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wed 9/03/08 1:03 PM

Oi Família!
Esta semana hás been busy. Last week, my gums continuted to bother me so i went to the Dentista. It was a definatley na interesting experience. I got to take a cab with one of the instructors, and the office was pretty nice. Luckily i had nothing wrong with my gums, just a canker soar on my gum line. I feel blessed. Then that following Sunday it was amazing. Presidente and Sister Richardson came to the CTM and talked. It was great. It was really great to see them one last time. He is na inspiring man.I feel so blessed to have had so many people help me in my life. Especially all of you. Mom and Dad thank you for all that you have done for me. Being here, as humbled me so much. Forgive me of my errogancy and ungratefulness. The both of you have given me so much. And for that i feel so grateful. Thank you  I love all of you so much. WEll my last week in the CTM was great and boy did it fly buy. My last day came so fast. That leaves it at Tuesday. The day of EMBARCATION. Wow. What an experience it was. I awoke at 3:50 a.m. prepared, gathered my stuff, and headed out. We arrrived at the CTM around 6:00 ish. We then loaded on the airplan at 8:00 a.m. and headed for RIO. /it was only about a 40 minute plaine ride. It was great to see Rio from the air. What a beautiful city. I wish you were all here. After the plane landed in RIO we had to get some things filled out at the airport. Wow what huge airport. It hás a post office, stores, police station, which we went to, and all kinds of things. It is huge. After that we loaded up in the car and headed for mission office, and then went to the President´s apartment. IT was really nice. It hás the best view. IT hás a huge deck that overlooks the Statue of the Redeemer, Pão de Azucar (suger loaf mountain). I took lots of pictuers. Then we went to the Hotel. WE stayed at a nice place. After breakfeast we headed for the Rodoviária (bus station). And I headed off to Campos, Rio de Janeiro. It took about 3-4 hours. It was great to drive through the countryside. Its beautiful. But, now I´m in Campos. MY companion is Elder Gann. He played for CSU. He was their quarter back. I told him where you live Aaron, and he hás a couple of friends that live out there. Pretty cool. There are two other elders that live in our apartment. One is American and the other is Brazilian. Well this week hás been crazy. And I´m worried about the language. The Lord hás blessed me with what I already know, but I still need ALOT of improvement. So please continue to pray. Thank you so much. This experience so far hás been really humbling. It hás made me realize what a great country, and promised land I was born in. God bless América. What a blessing. Well i hope all is going well with you all. I haven´t heard anything this week. haha. O and I only receive letters and packages that are sent to the Mission home about every transfer, which is about 6 weeks. Mailing contacts and medication should not be a problem just put Jesus stickers on the box. And just put medical supplies in the description. O and a mission Rule is that I can´t email any except my immediate family. So if Aunt Suzano or something e-mails, just go through you I guess. MY new address is:Travessa Aurino Tavares, 57PQ RosárioCampos dos Goytacazes-RJ22220-040Brazil Remember no packages to this address********** Also if you could findo ut Mr. Cheney´s address and instructions for how it works in the field sorry..that would be amazing!! Sorry

Thank you all so much?

Mom and Dad thanks for all that you have done for me. I don´t have much time today and still trying to figure out how im going to send pictures. I think im going to send them next week. Today hás just been crazy. I feel like im so isolated. Campos is pretty far out here. Its pretty crazy. How are things going? I heard McCain elected the Lady from Alaska. I have been kinda feeling down lately too. Just kinda depressed. Thinkin in my head. I need to stop dwelling on things. Well,, I reallly

Love you both much, keep the e-mails coming! Thanks!

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