Minha Família Boa TARDE!!! Como Vocês Estão?!

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wed 10/15/08 1:12 PM

Minha Família Boa TARDE!!! Como Vocês Estão?!

This week flew bye again! But very filled! Wow! Heres the highlights of the week Thursday, I had a division with the Zone Leader. He is way cool and very hard worker. He gave me some great tips. Its always great to take a break from the same routine and do something else in the Lord´s work. Then on Sunday, wow, we had a great testimony meeting. You know me.. I was balling. Haha The spirit was so strong. One of the recent members 10, (she was baptized about a week before i arrived here in Campos) gave a great testimony. She said that we need to share the gospel with everyone and not be ashamed about it! Shes 10!! She also said that when she was going to be baptized a loto of people said that she shouldn´t, but she knew she should and felt God´s love for her. Wow what na amazing kid. It reminds me of the scripture recalling `and a little child will lead them´´. Then this week we had transfers!!! TODAY! Man when something this exiciting happens, its the onlything us missionaries talk about! Haha II´m still here in Campos, and im happy. The memebers here are great, and the Chapel..wow. i will send pictures. Its brand new and about 15 mintues from our house. It hás an elevator in it haha. And we got a 3 new people in our district. All brazillians. Im happy, becuase change is always welcome. O mom, thanks so much for the letter about conference through missionties. I loved it. Especially the comment about ´´The Other Side of Heaven´´. I recently watched it on P-day in the Church. I love that movie. I thought it was hilarious that you and nikki thought i might be living in a condition like this. Há. I feel so blessed where i am living. Its no América, but its great. Actually its kinda of Ironic because i feel like its beutiful in some of the parts of the city here, and i guess im in the Arm pito f the mission.. haha I hope i get to serve in Copacabanna or Búzios. There both in my mission  Mom, we need to visit when you come here. Thats great to hear about the house!! Congrats! Do you know if you will be building? Im so excited”!! Sorry about the minimal pictures. Im going to take a bunch of pictures tonight and then send them next P-day. Don´t fret!  Just another update the Elections here are nuts. Haha As im typing there is a parade of cars, (not authorized by the city im sure) driving down the street. Its crazy, They use fireworks and huge busese loaded with speakers. Its hilarious. I can´t even begin to explain it. Its definataley a unique experience! Viva Brazil!!! Well I love you all so much and feel so blessed. The language is continually coming and feel so grateful to be a member of the true Church. It saddens me when people overlook our message and take it for granted. I thank you all so much for your letters, and e-mails. They really mean so much to me. They help those difficult days pass. Eu sei Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador. Ele vive, e Jesus Cristo vai retornar! Eu sei que nos temos o evangelho restaurado por meio Joseph Smith. Eu sei que nos precisamos ler a escrituras todos os dias, por que Elas são as palavras de Deus e vai nos fortalecer nossa fé!! Lê! Eu sou grato por vocês!!

Com amor,

Elder Fischer

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