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Sent: Thu 10/02/08 9:16 AM

Ola Família!

This week flew bye again. I can´t belive how fast time is going. The weather hás sertainaly been a lot more rainy-which i have been suprised. Haha. But, still hot. Well hears the rundown on my week, We have been following up with our investigators and have been trying really hard to prepare them for batisim.Other than that we have just been working hard and this week was pretty much the same. One highlight of the week was this parade of cars. Haha I wish i had my câmera. There is na election going on here in Campos and the way the way they campaign is crazy! They pay people that have suped up their cars with huge sterio systems to play their advertisments all day long as they drive down the street. And i mean loud! Well what was funny was we were at na investigators house and we heard all this noise and we all went out side and their was this HUGE stream of cars all blasting the ad and the waving banners of the canidate. It was crazy it was like a parade x 10!. They have these busses that are suped up with probably 50 speakers on them and blast music. Like ridicuoulsy loud. They uses them for carnival and politics ahha. It was na interesting expereince becuase it was almost like a glimpse of carnival. Haha Especially when there was this one buss with cross dressers. It was interesting. One person was riding a bike cause they didn´t have a car with a chicken in his basket. It was hysterical. Another, highlight was yesterday.We had a conference in Macaé! What a beautiful city. It is a city right on the coast. Its really nice. And we had a nice lunch at this resturant. I love confernces. It was a great expereinces. Im still trying to learn the language, so i don´t know what all góes on. Haha Sometimes i feel so lost. Haha. The mission truly is a growing experience. I have grown so much! I love the América!! Haha I know im here for a reason. And although there are trying times, the Lord is ominpionent and knows all. This is the Lords work. Let Salvation come to those Prepared!! Well I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon!

Com amor,

Elder Fischer!

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