Come What May and Love It‏

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer (
Sent: Wed 11/19/08 8:17 AM

Oi Família Esta semana foi rápida de novo.

This week went by so fast. I can’t believe that there is a transfer next week. I have a feeling that i will stay. I only have 2 transfers here, and my companion and twice that. Im almost positive that i will stay. But, who knows? O so dont send any missionties untill you recieve me e-mail next week, in case i do get transferred. O and i heard about BECCA getting married. That is crazy. But, good for her. Have you heard about Talmage’s call yet? Please e-mail me as soon as you do.

Sounds like the same old at the house. That’s exciting though that your getting your dream come true. Your really going to move!!  I look forward to pictures of the house.

Things here have been going fast. We have a baptism that is scheduled next week. Its another girl that is over the age of 8 and hás not been baptized that’s in our ward. It should be really great. The primary is suppose to sing. I´m hoping one o four investigators will get baptized next week or this week tôo. So on Monday i got this strong impression that i should tell you this. One time when we having a division i was with last transfer he told me Hes really cool. His girlfriend is a member. Basically she that she would marry him unless he’s a member. Pretty cool. Hes just been hard to get a hold of with his work schedule. He góes out on oil rigs.

Oh, one really cool thing happened this week. I got to do a division with the other dupla in our house and got to teach one of their investigators that is gettign baptized this week. Her story is neat. She said that she hás been searching all the churchs and hás never liked any of them. She said that she liked logic and bascially they didn´t make sense. She had even studdied the Koran.! She is very intelligent She was never baptized in any of them. And shes like thats the thing, your church makes sense. It hás logic. What a cool person.

Well thats pretty much it for this week. Nothing to exciting. Praying for my investigatos and continuing to search for others. I feel blessed to take part in this work and help God´s childeren become acuqatined with the true- that The Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. What a blessing. I just want to thank you all for all that you have all done in my family. ( Dia de ação das graças)Thanksgiving is next week and i thought that i would just throw that out there. Seriously, families are such a blessing in our lives, and i feel so lucky to have the family i do. Thanks for all of your support (prayers, letters, ect). It really means a lot.

Have a great week!

Com amor,
Elder Fischer

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