Sejam Bem Vindos ao Rio!‏

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer (
Sent: Wed 11/05/08 9:52 AM

Oi Família Boa Tarde!! Esta semana foi muito rápido!!

That was great to volleyemails back and forth mom! Wow the power of internet. This week went by so fast and so many things happened!! And OBAMA WON?!Wow...but onto other things.. thats awesome to hear about Gás prices dropping. And about the guns?? I think i might have you buy me a gun tôo. What kind did you guys buy??Whats interesting is that it seems like the U.S. is going to turn into Brazil.. Its against the law to have guns here haha. Well onto this week:

Well on Thursay we went to the Posto De saúde (free health care station) and i witnessed a grime future of Health Care if the U.S. decided to adopt this plan. WE went there and it was crazy packed. And after trying to figure out what to do.. They told us we could only come by on Mondays and Wednesdays and we would have to arrive at 6:00a.m. and wait until 8 and then they would call us during the day to come back. What a mess. Luckily we finally got a hold of assitants for a list of doutors that take our health plano n the mission. Man i was so glad to get that list. After going to the second place (the first place was already closed for the day 3:30 ..Brazil is like that haha) i received medical care. ..The place was clean and the doctor was really nice. But my ear still hurts and it hás almost been a week.. Pray please

Then on Monday we got a call from the assistants...and we were told me needed to go to RIO !!! YAAY.. my companion needed to get his visa renewed (they do this every year). It was a blast!! I love RIO. IT its one of the most beautiful cities. Wow..You saw the pictures that i sent you from the Presidents apartment. And if you stay in the right áreas..its amazing.. The assistants and those that work in the office, have the rich áreas....minha nossa..haha Actually the office also hás a view of the Statue of the Redeemer and Pão de Açúcar (sugar loaf). O´, and also about the office. One of the finanicial assisants or secrataries was a professional soccer player!!How awesome is that. He put his famous career on hold to serve a mission. He is way cool. O and the best part about that visit to RIO was going to the Rodízio (which is na all you can eat pizzaria..hmmm..) it was so good. And then we headed back home on Tuesday. IT was great to take a break from the same routine and see more of the State. Transfers are coming up—26/11/2008..the day before thanks giving. Kinda lame..o and about your questiono regarding Halloween. They do nothing of the dead is méxico..IT was just another day here haha.. kinda sad.. And today...WE got to go bowling!! It was zone activity. It was way fun. This week hás been a nice break haha. Ill show you pictures. IT was actually really nice. Well i hope you all have a great week and keep me updated on this new president!! And with all the guns flying off the racks. IT sounds like kaoss. Haha I have attached a couple of pictures!!

Love you all much!

Elder Fischer

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