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From: Elder Jonathan Fischer (
Sent: Tue 8/19/08 9:43 AM

Boa Tarde!!

Another semana has passed bye! Wow, I have already been here seven weeks. It sounds like everyone has really been busy. I will contiune to pray for you all J Alright so for the recap of my week. Well, it was pretty much just a regular week. The highlight was that my companiero and I passed off our 2 Lição. We also taught this lesson in TRC this week. It went pretty good. I can´t beleive that we are already moving onto our 3 Lição. Only 2 more weeks. Wow. Please pray for me with the language. The Lord has really blessed me with help, I just know that I have a lot of room for improvement. J Well, the rest of the week was pretty much the same, and then another great Sunday came. Everyweek everyone in the branch has to prepare a five minute talk on the Christ like attribute for the week. This past week it was Humility. Since, we are the oldest district our district got called. I was one of them. J Then that night we had our Devotional. The music by the Choir was phenominal. Simply amazing. They sang ´´The Army of Helaman Medley´´. The choir was accompanied with a violin. It was great. The Spirit at the CTM is really special. I would actually like to embelish a little more on the experience at the CTM. The CTM is truly a molding expeirence. One really does get stretched. Each missionary goes through a trial of there own whatever it be (or at least i think). Some are greater than others. For instance, na Elder in our branch had a close cousin that attemped suicide. I never heard back what was the result. He was in the hopsital and the results were either death, or being blind for the rest of our live. Another Elder in our Branch that recently left had his mother pass away while he was here. His last testimony meeting with us, he testified on how familes could be together forever. What great faith, what courage, what and example. What im trying to explain here is that everyone expereince trials. But as we turn them unto the Lord we can truly overcome them, just as these amazing Elders have done so, and have decided to press forward with their missions. What great examples. The Lord loves us, knows who we are and gives us these trials to help us grow and become our full potetional. The potetional that we have been foreordained to become. We must strive to live righteously so we can inherit those blessings that come from obeidience. As we do so, we feel the Lord´s hand reaching out to us in hard times, helping us to overcome and bear our trials. Although it may take time to get through these trials in our life, we WILL overcome them and feel joy in our life IF we stay on the Lord´s path. We have entered into the Straight and Narrow gate of Batism, and it is our duty to continue that journey. I have personally been stretched here at the CTM. I just have to continue to press forward and pray. And pray J SO MORE. J What a blessing we have as being memebers of the true Chruch, A Igreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Últimos Dias. And then there is today. P-Day! We went to the São Paulo temple again. It is always a great experience. I wish that you could all be there. The batismal font is BEAUTIFUL. I can´t even begin to explain. I wish I had pictures. Wow. Well im going to end this letter now. Its extremely hot in here today at Mr. Cheney´s-there is no air conditioning running today..Don´t really know why.haha. Things have really started to warm up here. It sure is beautiful to see the Sun. J Well, I hope you all have another great week and HANG IN THERE (Especially you Aaron) ! And please keep the letters coming. Even if its a few sentences, it brightens my day J

Com amor,

Elder Fischer

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