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Sent: Wed 12/03/08 6:04 AM

Oh, about the movies.. My mission president said that the white handbook are our rules and for everything else follow the its kinda weird.. like it doesn´t say anything about which movies in the white hand book from what i know. But i would be scared watching mild hollywood videos haha.. but every mission is different. I truly feel that i was called here for a reason. Becuase the mission president changed the rules when i got her to when a person is going to be batpized they have to wait 3 days if they had a problem with smoking or its a week.. i would not feel comfortable batptizing someone with just 3 days.. The idea was that its their faith that will sustain them..but i defintly like the new rule with our new preseidnet.. to wait a week..ah.. what a blessing im here with pres. pickett.! Hes amazing. i love him and his wife soo much. Sister pickett is hilarious. i love talking with her. No wonder beth and her husband got along with them. ahah Have a great week!

Love your son for ever,
Elder fischer

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